Sgrow is a Norwegian experimental electronica duo. The duo consists of Vilde Ilkama Nupen and Kristoffer Lislegaard.

Vilde Nupen and Kristoffer Lislegaard together form Sgrow, which have marked themselves as an exciting and uncompromising addition to the Norwegian electronic music scene. Sgrow have gained international attention for their eclectic sound, combining dreamy, ambient drones with adrenaline-filled, glitchy beats, restless textures and soulful vocals.

The duo’s love of pop / hip hop, club, and contemporary classical music emerges through their peculiar and unconventional approach to sound processing and song structure, which in turn results in music that constantly surprises, challenges and captivates new listeners.

For reference, they draw inspiration from artists like Tim Hecker, Vince Staples, Kelela, Holy Other, Little Dragon and Aphex Twin.

«A delight of sci-fi tinged electronica. The swirling, glitchy wibble of Daeva will entice and terrify in equal measure, while Nupen’s processed vocals on ‘Young Love // Raw Emotion’ are hard to resist. We eagerly await the next entry in the series”

– Electronic Sound Magazine on ‘Circumstance’

“Brimming with broad, ethereal soundscapes and languid, stuttering drum cuts, tracks like ‘Is Anyone Where They Want To Be’ and blissful album closer ‘Mind’s Eye’ will transport you to somewhere quite wonderful”

–DJ MAG on ‘Circumstance’

“Sgrow, through their experimentation of genres, unafraid to express through their raw emotional essence, an auditory experience of a journey belonging so truly to themselves; ironically bringing us back to ourselves; an art piece so true, so real – it resonates within us, it reminds us – life does not reach a pinnacle.

– The Playground on ‘Circumstance’

“Dreamy electronics with a sci-fi slant, the pair’s off kilter melodies combine to push the track to some intriguing places”

– CLASH Magazine on ‘Kismet’, 3rd single from ‘Circumstance’

“Listening to the band is an experience that inevitably conveys the audience into a cinematic trip to the Far North and its ice-cold beauty”

– HighcClouds on ‘Kismet’

“It is, quite frankly, a banger that cements Sgrow’s status as one of Norway’s most exciting new musical exports”

– Musicmap on ‘Feel Something’, 2nd single from ‘Circumstance’